New Pandora Style Cremation Jewellery Designs

After what has been a very exciting process, KJA is proud to introduce these this brand new exclusive cremation jewellery range.

In consultation with families we have designed, redesigned and finally completed an entire new collection of Pandora style Cremation Beads and Charms.

Crafted to fit Pandora, and most similar bracelets, these beads and charms open to hold ashes, a lock of hair or some burial soil inside.  They are made in solid Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil and each closes easily, tightly and very securely to ensure your precious memorials are safe.

We invite you to have a look through this collection on our website (click the image above) and look forward to bringing you more new designs in 2019.

Up To 50% Off Memorial Jewellery

End of Line & Discontinued Memorial Jewellery for Ashes or Hair
Be sure to check out our Clearance Memorial Jewellery with up to 50% OFF section.  As our collection of fine memorial jewellery grows and changes, we regularly have heavily reduced items for sale.  Many of these have limited quantities available and can sell out very quickly. Here is an example of the jewellery currently on sale.  Please click on the image to go to the website and see more.

Engraved Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery

Top 10 Engraved Messages of Love for 2014

Having your precious keepsake or memorial jewellery engraved with names and messages makes for a truly unique and personalised piece of jewellery.  Custom text engraving is very popular and throughout 2014 we engraved thousands of pieces of jewellery with very special messages of love.

Nearly always we will engrave a name and message together for our families.  For example:

Mum Always In My Heart or Jack Forever Loved
Many people ask us for advice on selecting their special message of love for their pendant, keyring or charm so we have collated the top 10 engravings of 2014.

Always In My HeartForever In My HeartForever LovedWith Me AlwaysLove You ForeverLove You AlwaysI Love YouMummy Loves YouAlways & ForeverWith You Always
Here are some examples of how the engravings look on both Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery:

Keepsake Jewellery Australia has so many options for keepsake and memorial jewellery wit…

New Memorial Jewellery Heart

We recently invited our followers on Facebook to name our newest memorial jewellery pendant design.  There were hundreds of suggestions and we are so pleased to introduce this new memorial heart pendant ... "Our Hearts Meet".

The name is simply beautiful and we thank everyone who helped name it on the Keepsake Jewellery Australia Facebook Page

You can see more about this precious memorial jewellery design on our website by clicking the image below.  It unscrews at the top for filling with your keepsakes such as a small amount of cremation ashes, some strands of hair, burial soil or sand from a special place.

Memorial jewellery allows you to keep your loved one close to your heart and we are very excited to have our newest memorial pendant available.

Buying Jewellery Online - Two Failsafe Tips to Guarantee the Best Price

Smart Jewellery Shopping - Simple tips for buying jewellery online.
When comparing jewellery online it is very obvious that similar products are priced very differently by different stores.  Why?The reasons are very simple.

Jewellery stores represent all different types of businesses.For example, at the top level are producers, suppliers and manufacturers of jewellery.  On the other end are businesses (usually individuals) who engage third parties to do all, if not, most of the jewellery making and related services.  This is singularly the biggest factor in jewellery prices.

Successful and top level online jewellery stores, with high sales volume, can and do charge much less.This is simply economies of scale - the more successful or popular the store, the more they sell, the less they have to charge for each piece.  Think deli price v department store price.

So, what do you need to keep in mind when shopping for jewellery online?  Here are the two simple steps to make sure you always…